Frequently asked questions

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How often should my piano be tuned?
Once to twice per year depending on stability of the instrument, seasonal changes, and how often and hard the piano is being played.

Why does my piano go out of tune?
Humidity causes a piano to go sharp, dryness causes it to go flat.  A piano with an unstable pin block goes out of tune more frequently.  

What is involved in tuning a piano?
Raising or lowering the pitch, putting in a temperament and a complete fine tuning.

What is temperament?
An arrangement of beats and pitches in the middle portion of the instrument which serves as a basis for tuning the entire instrument.  

How should I care for my piano?
Regular tuning and action adjustments when necessary.  Humidity should be maintained at 40 to 45 % year round.  The piano should be placed on an inside wall away from windows, fireplaces, and heating registers.